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Humana offers affordable florida health insurance policies in the sunshine state. Based in Louisville in the state of Kentucky, USA, the Humana Health Insurance Company is a premiere company that administers and markets health insurance plans. Founded in the year 1961, Humana Health Insurance presently has a customer base of more than 11.5 million people across the United States. This makes it the largest Fortune 100 Company in Kentucky. Humana Health insurance provides health care plans that benefit you, as well as your family.

Humana Health Insurance offers a wide variety of health insurance plans that have deductibles that are changeable according to your preference.

Humana Florida Health Insurance Policies Include

    • Co-pay plans: These plans are similar in many ways to the health insurance plans provided and sponsored by an employer. This type of health insurance includes co-pays for visiting the doctor, with respect to any illness or injury. However, this health insurance plan from Humana Health Insurance covers the costs for buying the drugs prescribed by the doctor during the visit.
    • 100% After-Deductible Plans: This plan is perfect for people who want the Insurance Company to pay for all the medical expenses once they have met their deductible. The range of deductible payments is the widest in this type of Health Insurance coverage. You can choose how much you want to pay as a deductible, after taking into account your health, income and future prospects.
    • Health Savings Account Plans: This health insurance plan from Humana Health Insurance, offers all the coverage from the two plans given above. As an additional bonus, you also get to keep your money in a Health Savings Account. The Health Savings Account allows you to keep an eye on the money spent for health and medical reasons. The HSA-Qualified High Deductible Health Plan combines the benefits of both the Health Savings Account Plan and the 100% After Deductible Plan.
    • Short Term Health Insurance Plan: Sometimes you may find yourself not covered by any health insurance policy temporarily. For instance, you may be touching 65, which makes you eligible for Medicare. At that time, you would have canceled your previous plan and would be waiting for the Medicare coverage to kick in. During this intermediary period, you can insure yourself with a HumanaOne Short Term Medical Plan. You can get coverage within a day of submitting the application for a Short Term Health Insurance Plan from Humana Health Insurance.

    The policies from Humana Health Insurance in Florida are beneficial for every individual and every family. You can get instantaneous insurance quotes, as per your budget, by visiting their web site and following the instructions provided.

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