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Atlantic Beach Florida is a small seaside community and a great place to call home. It is located in northeast Florida and is surrounded by natural beauty; a pristine beach to our east, the maritime woods of Hanna Park to the north, and the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway marshes to our west. It really is an awesome place to live... the problem is though, finding "affordable Health Insurance" around Atlantic Beach or Jacksonville, is not an easy thing to do. We help you find the best insurance prices available!

We are not like every other insurance company around here. Usually an insurance agency will try to sell you "their" insurance. That is not the way to offer insurance. We offer a complete health insurance product line with free consulting services. Our health insurance consulting includes: free insurance services such as: complete analysis of competing insurance products, individual analysis of your current health situation, and multiple insurance carriers and products to choose from. Get a Free Health Insurance Quote from Atlantic Beach's most reliable health insurance provider. It's free and easy!!



Atlantic Beach Health Insurance is now has more insurance product lines than ever before! We provide premium health insurance services to all of Duval County. Our full range of reliable insurance services are listed below.
Florida Health Insurance Agency
Before you buy health insurance from any agent; utilize our extensive health insurance services for a sound, accurate, and professional analysis of your current situation. Our full service health insurance agency knows and understands your needs. We can help you choose... (read more)
For Individual Health Insurance Needs:
There is a huge cost difference between insurance carriers in Atlantic Beach. Use our comprehensive health insurance services to get a better understanding of the individual health insurance marketplace and the products available to you BEFORE you sign up with any agent here in town. (read more)
LOW COST: Small Group Health Insurance
Buying insurance in the State of Florida can be a nightmare. Insist on the best! Our experienced health insurance consultants provide accurate and reliable information that can be utilized to get the most beneficial health insurance policy available in Atlantic Beach.(read more)
LOTS OF EMPLOYEES: Large Group Health Insurance
Avoid overbuying insurance! We cater to your needs. Our experienced health insurance professionals believe employee benefits and risk should be viewed and managed as a system. It must fit your firm’s business plan.  Our professional insurance consultants take the worry out of managing large health insurance plans. Our Atlantic Beach large group services are delivered to you with extensive knowledge of the Florida Insurance marketplace. You'll get the best price - guaranteed! (read more)
WHAT'S IT COST?: Free Atlantic Beach Florida Health Insurance Quotes
How much does it cost to insure your family? Can you afford it? Check out our superior health insurance products available and get a free health insurance quote with the click of a button. (read more)
Lower your premiums by twenty percent.  Get a free health quote, while maintaining dependability by using our easy to use online quoting system. (read more)

Reduce health insurance costs while maintaining dependability by using Florida Health Insurance Web’s renowned online quoting system by getting health insurance quotes from all major carriers.(read more)

Atlantic Beach Insurance News

With a special legislative session on property insurance later this month, the insurance industry is trying to spread the word that the companies shouldn't be blamed for the rising cost of policies. Bob Hartwig, senior economist at the New York-based Insurance Information Institute, said the state's vast hurricane-vulnerable waterfront location is the prime reason for the increase.

He characterized Florida as being "the most dangerous, most vulnerable place in the entire planet" for insurers. Several different coalitions, representing different industries, are lobbying lawmakers to overhaul Florida's insurance laws during a special session of the Legislature that begins Jan. 16 in Tallahassee.

On Friday, Hartwig was joined by Sam Miller, executive vice president of the Florida Insurance Council, to discuss property insurance issues affecting homeowners and commercial properties statewide and on the Treasure Coast.

Here is a breakdown highlighting responses from Hartwig and Miller.

Q. Why has the price of residential and commercial property insurance gone up in Florida since 2004?

A. Home and business owners have been assessed more than $3 billion to cover deficits in Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund and the Florida Insurance Guarantee Fund.

. Insurance options for many Florida homeowners have dwindled because some companies have scaled backed operations. Additionally, some insurers were shut down by the state for not having sufficient funds to pay claims after hurricanes Frances and Jeanne.

. Other insurers have chosen to leave the state because of the amount of risk involved in insuring a coastal home in Florida.

Q. Why is Florida more expensive than other coastal communities such as Louisiana, Texas, Georgia or the Carolinas?

A. There are higher coastal property exposure values in Florida than any other state - about $2 trillion as of 2004 and Florida's coastal property exposure values are expected to double by 2014.

. Florida now is the third most populous state in the country and population growth rates are expected to be at least twice that of most other states.

. Florida and all other Gulf and Atlantic states are expected to experience above average hurricane activity for the next 15 to 20 years.

Q. Why have some premiums doubled or even tripled in the past two years, creating an economic burden for so many local property owners?

A. Florida insurers paid $31 billion in insured losses on more than 3 million claims during the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons.

. From 1992 through 2006, home insurers in Florida paid an estimated $10.7 billion more in claims than they received in premiums.

. This $10.7 billion underwriting loss remains - even after including an estimated $2.75 billion in profits in 2006.

. It will take until 2009 for insurers just to get to the break-even point for the 15-year period (from 1992 through 2006) even if there are no storm losses in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Q. But how can this be when insurance companies raised my premium?

A. The average annual rate of return on Florida homeowners insurance was minus 38.1 percent from 1990 to 2006, despite 2006 being a profitable year, according to financial models from the Insurance Information Institute.

Q. What can I do to lessen my premiums or avoid being dropped by my insurer?

A. Implement home improvements that abide by new building codes to substantially reduce wind damage from hurricanes.

. Purchase stronger homes. Safer and stronger homes cost less to insure.

. Lobby local municipalities for new land use policies that will limit future storm damage.

Q. What is the insurance industry lobbying for and what does it think will solve the crisis?

A. The industry maintains that spreading the risk on a global scale is important. Reinsurance and bonds can help achieve that objective.

Q. Can't Florida spread our risk to other coastal states or even states that aren't hurricane-prone?

A. By law the rates charged for insurance are based exclusively on past and expected losses in that state. Profits in other state or from other types of insurance cannot be used to subsidize losses in the Florida homeowners insurance market. Likewise, losses in other states, for example, earthquakes or blizzards, cannot be subsidized by Floridians.

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Health Insurance Tips: HMO & PPO

Many healthy people do not need "fee for service" medical insurance. They find that their out of pocket expenses are much lower with a "managed care" plan. There are two basic types of managed care - HMO and PPO.

With a Florida HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization, you pay a monthly premium in exchange for comprehensive medical care. There is usually a small co-payment for doctor's visits (usually ranging from $5 to $25), and a somewhat higher co-pay or deductible is needed for hospitalization. The upside to this HMO Plan is: Your out of pocket expenses are significantly easier to predict and manage with an HMO rather than a fee for service plan. However, the downside of this plan is: an HMO introduces the concept of a "gatekeeper." In an HMO, you must choose a primary care physician. That doctor, working in tandem with a risk management insurance officer, will determine your access to specialists. Finally, a Florida HMO plan requires you to use doctors that are part of the Florida HMO's network. If you travel a lot, be sure to find out what the provisions are should you require an out of network doctor.

The other type of plan is the PPO. A PPO, or (Preferred Provider Organization), can be considered a blend of HMO and fee for service plans. You will choose a primary care physician in Florida, and generally use doctors that are part of the organization. However, a PPO lets you see doctors who are not part of the network for a somewhat higher fee. This increased flexibility is excellent for those who travel frequently, or for those whose current doctor is not a member of the organization.

Many other options exist for covering your medical expenses. A Health Savings Account allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars each month. Catastrophic insurance carries a low premium with a high deductible, and is designed to cover you if you develop a serious illness or injury. However, for the average consumer, the choice is generally between fee for service and managed care. All types of plans carry their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to understand what these are in order to make the right decisions for your family. Find out more about you available choices for health insurance from Florida Health Insurance Web.

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