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What is "Accounts Receivable Coverage?"

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The basic definition of Accounts Receivable Coverage Insurance (AR) is based on the accounts you might have in receivables for your small business or practice. These records of (AR) is are said to be a series of accounting transactions that deal with the billing of clients for services or products that one purchases. The majority of small business owners in Florida will generally offer an invoice that can be electronically delivered to the client or customer, who in return will pay the bill that is based on the purchased amount.

You may find that some interest charges of the loan will be collected to offset the time (Time Value Of Money) in which a pending repayment can be delivered to the Florida business owner. Interest charges can also be added if sums made of an uncollectable loss or damage.

Who Can Benefit From Accounts Receivable Coverage Insurance?

Physician groups are one of the largest pools of small business owners in Florida that would have a great deal of protection from using accounts receivable coverage insurance. Many physicians have a large AR balance coming to them in the future from health insurance payments. These "Accounts Receivables" stay on the groups balance sheet and are exposed as an asset for a future patient making a claim against them. The AR balances are, in truth, one of the most vulnerable asset to a malpractice lawsuit. If you have a large claim against you or a partner of the practice an individual could first go after your entire practice’s AR. You must look at using an insurance policy to help protect you in the event a lawsuit were to arise. These specific plan designs can be used to help leverage your AR asset while protecting it. Learn more about AR Financing Today!

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