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"What does your Actual Age mean?"

What is the definition of an Actual Age: This is the method of calculating an individuals insurance age. This methodology takes the individuals actual age, which is sometimes called the Age that is closest to your Last Birthday.

To young to be suffering from very low energy? Are you interested in losing 15-20 pounds in a month? Would you rather be moving faster in life without that sluggish feeling? For this to be true you must try the new (Actual Age) Program that is available.

This first part of the program ensures that you figure out your actual age. You must measure your body's age against your chronological age. An example of this would be, you may be 22 years old but really have the body of a 60 year old. This research from Harvard University, they believe that to measure your body's age through patterns or markers of aging. Many of these patterns can be identified by your body fat percentage versus your your lean muscle mass.

The next part of the program is a checking with your local doc to figure out your body's actual age. He will show you what steps need to be taken in order to show your chronological age against your actual age. These numbers might show that your actual age can decrease for a certain period of time.

Check out some of our findings from a recent case we had. The individuals name is John Smith. Mr. John Smith who is 45 years old, started her Actual Age Program weighing 300 pounds. His body type, musclular can help or hurt you, muscle mass or Body Mass Index (BMI) contributes to giving him the body of a 70 year old man. His initial muscle mass index was 60.5% and his BMI was 42.0%. Nearly 6 weeks later he had lost 20 pounds, increased his muscle mass to 80.2% and decreased her body fat to 27.2%!

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