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Define: "Dependent"

What is a dependant? It is an individual other than you - the health plan subscriber - who is eligible to receive health care services under the subscriber's contract. Generally, dependents are limited to the subscriber's spouse and minor children.

Other related and unrelated words: dependent, conditional, contingent, relative, subject - a person who relies on another person for support (especially financial support). In American English the noun is nearly always spelled dependent too, as in "He declared three dependents on his tax form", although occasionally you will see the noun spelled the British way, dependant.


Spouse: The employee's lawfull Spouse as determined by the laws of the state where the covered employee resides. Dependent Child(ren): Any of the employee's unmarried children under the age of 19 years, for whom the employee provides primary support and maintainance and you claim as a dependent on IRS tax submissions within the meaning of the IRS Code Section 152(a) including:

  • natural child who lives with you
  • stepchild who lives with you
  • legally adopted child or child placed in anticipation for adoption who lives with you (the term placed for adoption means the assumption and retention by the employee of a legal obligation for total or partial support of the child in anticipation of adoption of the child and the child must be available for adoption and the legal adoption process must have commenced)
  • child who qualifies for benefits under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order
  • child for whom you have legal guardianship under a court order and the child lives with you

Over age Child/Student Status: A child will continue to be eligible if the child has reached his/her 19th birthday, but has not reached his/her 24th birthday and attends an accredited program of secondary education or an accredited program of post-secondary education, including, a college, university, community or junior college, graduate school and accredited trade or business school on a full-time basis (Full time as defined by the institution attended). School vacation periods during any calendar year that interrupt but do not terminate a continuous course of study will be considered school attendance for those individuals who attend school on a full time basis.

Over age Child/Disabled Status: An unmarried child who has reached his or her 19th or 24th birthday who, as evaluated by a physician, has a permanent or continuing mental or physical impairment and incapable of self-sustaining employment or self-sufficiency as a result of that impairment; and dependent chiefly on you and/or your spouse for support and maintenance and whom you claim as a dependent on IRS tax forms under the IRS Code 152(a). PEBP will require proof of disability at reasonable interval during the two years following the date the dependent reaches the limiting age of 19 or 24 and after this two-year period, PEBP may require proof not more than once each year.

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