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Florida Health Insurance Terms:
"Employee Participation"

"What does Employee Participation mean?": An insurance company will usually require a certain percentage of eligible employees to participate in the employer offered group health insurance plan. This percentage varies by company and by group size. If this percentage is not met the insurance company may not offer coverage.

Examples of employee participation include:

  • Project teams or quality circles in which employees work on projects or tasks with considerable responsibility being delegated to the team.
  • Suggestion schemes - where employees are given channels whereby they can suggest new ideas to managers within the organisation. Often they will receive rewards for making appropriate suggestions.
  • Consultation exercises and meetings whereby employees are encouraged to share ideas.
  • Delegation of responsibility within the organisation. In modern organisations ground level employees have to be given considerable responsibility because they are dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis often in novel situations. Such employees need to be trusted to make decisions for themselves.
  • Multi-channel decision making processes. In such situations decisions are not only made in a downward direction, they also result from communications upwards, sideways, and in many other directions within the organization.

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