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"HIV Consent Form"

Please explain -- HIV Consent Form":

A required form completed by the applicant and submitted with the application for insurance. The form discloses to the applicant that the insurance company may test for the presence of HIV in the applicant's blood. By signing, the applicant acknowledges this and provides authorization for the test.


This test detects antibodies to HIV, not the virus itself. Antibodies are the body's reaction to the virus.

A POSITIVE test means that a person is infected with HIV and can pass it to others. By itself, a positive test does not mean that a person has AIDS, which is the most advanced stage of HIV infection.

A NEGATIVE test means that antibodies to HIV were not detected. This usually means that the person is not infected with HIV. In some cases, however, the infection may have happened too recently for the test to turn positive. The Blood test usually turns positive within 1 month after infection and in almost all cases within 3 months. Therefore, if you were infected very recently, a negative test result could be wrong.

False results (a negative test in someone who is infected, or a positive test in someone who is not infected) are rare. Indeterminate results (when it is unclear whether the test is positive or negative) also are rare. When a test result does not seem to make sense, a repeat test or special confirmatory tests may help to determine whether a person is or is not infected.

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