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"Indemnity Plan"

What is: "Indemnity Plan":

A type of traditional health insurance in which the covered person is reimbursed for covered expenses without regard to choice of provider. Also known as fee-for-service plans.

An indemnity plan reimburses you for your medical expenses regardless of who provides the service, although in some cases your reimbursement amount may be limited. The coverage offered by most traditional insurers is in the form of an indemnity plan.

How is the benefit amount calculated with an indemnity plan? Different plans use different methods for determining how much you will receive for your medical expenses. Following are descriptions of the most common methods.

Reimbursement--actual charges

Under this type of plan, the insurer will reimburse you for the actual cost of specified procedures or services, regardless of how much that cost might be.

Reimbursement--percentage of actual charges

Under this type of plan, the insurer pays a percentage of the actual charges for covered procedures and services, regardless of how much those procedures and services cost. A common reimbursement percentage is 80%. This has the same effect as a 20% co-payment.


Under this type of plan, the insurer pays a specified amount per day for a specified maximum number of days. Although your reimbursement amount does not depend on the actual cost of your care, your reimbursement will never exceed your expenses.

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