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"Inspection Report"

Please Explain -- Inspection Report?":

An inspection report is sometimes required by an insurance company in conjunction with the underwriting of an application for coverage. The report typically includes information pertaining to the applicant's occupation, health history and financial status. The report is usually completed by the insurance company or an investigative agency.

Example: Before you policy begins you must pass the "Inspection Report" to make sure you are well enough to have insurance. Waiting to long may cost you. Sign up today for your free health insurance consultation.

Detailed: Statement prepared by an inspection bureau for a life or health insurance company that summarizes information about an applicant for a policy, including financial standing, morals, physical condition, habits, and other information. This report is used by a company underwriter in evaluating an application for insurance; that is, whether the company should classify an individual as a standard risk at standard insurance rates, as a substandard risk (charged an extra rate), or as uninsurable.

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