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Florida Health Insurance Terms:
"Insurable Interest"

Please Explain "Insurable Interest?":

The existence of potential financial loss on the part of the policy owner and/or beneficiary(s) in the event of the death of the insured. The policy owner and any beneficiaries must have an insurable interest.

A person has an "insurable interest" in something when loss or damage to it would cause that person to suffer a financial loss or certain other kinds of losses. For example, if the house you own is damaged by fire, the value of your house has been reduced, and whether you pay to have the house rebuilt or sell it at a reduced price, you have suffered a financial loss resulting from the fire. By contrast, if your neighbor's house, which you do not own, is damaged by fire, you may feel sympathy for your neighbor and you may be emotionally upset, but you have not suffered a financial loss from the fire. You have an insurable interest in your own house, but in this example you do not have an insurable interest in your neighbor's house.

Detailed: A basic requirement for all types of insurance is the person who buys a policy must have an insurable interest in the subject of the insurance. You have an insurable interest in any property you own or which is in your possession.

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