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Florida Health Insurance Terms:
"Insurance Department"

Define: "Insurance Department?":

An area within each state's government that administers and regulates the insurance industry within the state. For instance, Florida has an insurance department.

More: Responsible for supervising and regulating all insurance business in a state. .

Detailed: The New York State Insurance Department licenses insurance companies, brokers, agents, and adjusters to operate in this State. If you believe that one of these licensees has failed to act in accordance with your contract or New York Insurance Law and Regulation, we urge you to file a complaint.

You can file a complaint using our Online Consumer Complaint form.You will receive immediate confirmation and be assigned a file number. If you need to submit copies of documents to support your complaint, fax or mail them to us along with the printed confirmation with your file number. Our fax number and address are listed below.

You are strongly encouraged to file your complaint on-line. It is easy and saves the time and expense of mailing a paper form or letter. Complaints that are filed on-line receive an immediate acknowledgement from the Department.

If you must send us a written complaint, please be sure to include your name, current address, telephone number, the licensee's name (carrier, broker, agent, or adjuster), policy or claim number, and an explanation of your concerns. Your complaint can be mailed to the address below. If it is difficult for you to make a written complaint, you should ask family and friends for their assistance. You might also contact your Assemblyperson or Senator to find out about other community resources available to help you file your complaint.

Ca. Insurance: Insurance Dept.


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