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"Length of Coverage"

Define: "Length of Coverage":

This is the length of time that you will be covered by your insurance policy. Length of coverage is typically applied to term life insurance products.

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When Does Coverage Under COBRA Begin? When Does It End?

COBRA coverage, if the qualified beneficiary elects it, begins on the day coverage would have otherwise been lost. The period of coverage under COBRA varies according to the qualifying event.

  • Termination or Reduction of Hours: the period of coverage for the employee, spouse, and dependent child is 18 months.
  • Employee Becomes Eligible for Medicare, Divorces/Files for Legal Separation, or Dies: the period of coverage for his or her spouse and dependent child is 36 months.
  • Employee's Child Loses "Dependent Child" Status: The dependent child is covered by COBRA for 36 months.

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