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"Medical Information Bureau "

Define: "Medical Information Bureau ":

A service that compiles medical information and application history of individuals who have applied for insurance in the past. Most insurance companies check an applicant's MIB report during underwriting.

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MIB will provide consumers with record disclosure once annually without charge! To obtain free disclosure, you must call MIB’s toll-free phone number listed below. A few things to bear in mind before you call - If you have not applied for individually underwritten life, health, or disability insurance during the preceding seven year period, MIB will not have a record on you.

We will ask you for personal identification information to assist us in locating a record, if one exists. We may validate the identification information that you provided with other consumer reporting agencies. You will be asked to certify under penalty of perjury that the information you provided about yourself to request MIB disclosure is accurate, complete and you represent that you are the person that is requesting disclosure. MIB’s toll-free number for disclosure is 866-692-6901 (TTY 866-346-3642 for hearing impaired)

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