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"Occupational Hazards"

Define: "Occupational Hazards"

A condition or circumstance inherent in a particular occupation that increases the chance of an accident or disease. Also, hazards associated with an insured's occupation that increases the possibility of injury, illness or death. Such hazards may have an impact on the insurability of an applicant.

More Examples of Occupational Hazards:

A three-year investigation has found that occupational hazards may have contributed to the development of brain tumors in as many as 19 employees at a BP Amoco Corp. research facility, the company said Thursday.

But BP Amoco says the study -- conducted by investigators from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Johns Hopkins University -- could not identify a specific cause of the cancer.

"Our first concern is for our colleagues and their families," says Jim Lowry, chairman of the BP Amoco health investigation task force, in a prepared statement. "We will continue to take steps to help them find answers and cope with the devastating effects of brain cancer.

"We will also continue to take action to ensure the safety of our co-workers," Lowry says, "and provide access to voluntary health screening and counseling if they have any concerns about potential health problems."

Although investigators fell short of identifying a specific cause for the cancer, they concluded that exposure to two agents commonly used in experiments -- ionizing radiation and n-hexane -- may have contributed to six cases of glioma ("gly-OH-mah"), an often deadly form of brain tumor. Five of those six scientists have died.

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