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"Pre-Existing Condition"

Define: "Pre-Existing Condition"

A preexisting condition is defined as an illness or injury for which the person has been under the care of a physician and has received medical care or advice or a condition for which a reasonable person should have sought treatment.

Many individual carriers are now offering a waiver of the pre-existing condition clause for anything disclosed on an application and not specifically excluded. It is important to honestly disclose any preexisting conditions to your insurer. Failure to do so allows an insurance company the right to recind your policy at a later date.

OTHER USES -- "Insurance companies try to discourage people from waiting until they get sick in order to purchase health insurance. One way in which they do this is to impose pre-existing condition exclusion periods. This means that if you have a medical problem which exists at the time you enroll in or purchase your health insurance, the insurance company will deny all claims pertaining to this medical problem for a certain period of time."

More Examples of Pre-Existing Condition:

Denial of coverage for health conditions that exist prior to enrolling in or purchasing a health insurance policy.

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