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"Preventive Care"

Define: "Preventive Care"

Comprehensive health care that emphasizes priorities for prevention, early detection, and early treatment of disease or its consequences. Preventive care usually includes routine physical examinations, immunizations, and wellness programs. Immunizations and routine exams are important to staying healthy. Think of them as preventive maintenance for your body. These tests can help you detect many health problems before they become serious.

The prevention screening guidelines listed here are generally for children and adults with no current symptoms or prior history of a medical condition. People with medical conditions or with a strong family history of certain diseases should talk to their doctors.

OTHER USES -- "Preventive care is a set of measures taken in advance of symptoms to prevent illness or injury. This type of care is best exemplified by routine physical examinations and immunizations. The emphasis is on preventing illnesses before they occur."

More Examples of Preventive Care:

Preventive care guidelines -- The guidelines were developed to help keep you and your family on track with preventive care screenings and exams needed for your particular age and gender. For infants and young children, the focus of the guidelines is on physical and mental development, immunizations, nutrition, and safety. For children and young adults, the focus is on maintaining or developing healthy lifestyle habits and eliminating high-risk behaviors. With adults, the focus continues to be on eliminating high-risk behaviors, however, screening for chronic and/or life-threatening disease becomes more important.

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