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"Prosthetic Devices"

Define: "Prosthetic Devices"

An artificial substitute for a missing body part used for functional reasons, because a part of the body is permanently damaged, is absent or is malfunctioning. "Research types of prostheses, fabrication lab, library of product information and client videos. We encourage you to visit other prosthetic companies, too, so you can see the difference and make an informed decision"

More Examples of Prosthetic Devices:

"A prosthesis is an artificial device that replaces a missing limb or other part of the body. Learning about prosthetic devices can be confusing for both the person with a recent amputation and for someone who has had an amputation for a long time. The parts of the prosthesis are referred to as components, and they are changing all the time. Each year prosthetic manufacturers design new components, and each type of component may be similar but have different brand names. "

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