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Finding "Affordable" Family Health Plans

Family Health Insurance

As the cost of medical services rises the Family Health Insurance becomes a necessity. It is very interesting to know that many American pay their large medical bill with the help of Family Health Insurance only. As the cost of Family Health Insurance premium is also rises dramatically it is very important for every one to understand the different Family Health Insurance plan offered by many Insurance companies.

According to a survey conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation, the yearly premium for Family Health Insurance is around $ 10,880 in the year 2006. This figure cause trouble and concern in many political parties since the rising in the Family Health Insurance premiums has direct effect to numbers of individuals covered. In the year 2001 69 % of employed Americans are covered under Family Health Insurance, where as in the year 2006 only 60 % of Americans are covered under Family Health Insurance.

Different types of Family Health Insurance

There are basically four types of Family Health Insurance plans available they are:

  1. Reimbursement plans or Indemnity plan
  2. HMO or Health Maintenance Organization
  3. PPO or Preferred Provider organizations
  4. POS or Point of Service

    Some plans allow you to select Doctors or Hospitals etc. Whereas other plan has already selected the Doctors or Hospitals and you have to take their services if you want your medical bill to be paid by your Insurance Company. Purchasing Family Health Insurance in group or individually you must consider this important difference.

    What Family Health Insurance plan covers?

    The Family Health Insurance plan covers according to the different plans like hospital expanse plan usually covers all hospital related expenses like hospital room charges, incidental services etc. Doctor expense plan usually covers expanses like visiting Doctor’s office or Doctor visiting you in Hospital etc. Apart from the standard coverage there are other expanses that are covered by only some plans like expanses for prescription drugs, maternity care, eye care etc.

    Select whatever plan of Family Health Insurance that suits you best considering the pros and cons of each plan very carefully.

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