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Florida short term health insurance also referred to as temporary health insurance is a kind of health insurance that provides coverage for a period of twelve months or less. This kind of health insurance does not contain a comprehensive plan as is normally found in a normal health insurance plan.

How Does Short Term Health Insurance Work In Florida?

A short term health insurance plan in Florida works similar to an indemnity plan in which you are free to visit any specialist or a physician of your choice provided that you obtain a certification from the insurance company. If you don't get this certification then the plan will not reimburse the hospital bills.

A Florida short term health insurance plan can vary based on the carrier you pick and choose from. In this type of Florida health insurance, you don't get coverage for a condition that has existed for over 36 months since the start of the coverage. However, surgeries, hospital care, prescription drugs and visits to emergency rooms are covered under this type of health insurance plan. The benefits of a short term policy are listed below:

  • Short-term health insurance plans are inexpensive in comparison to regular health insurance plans.
  • Short-term health insurance plans are highly flexible. Under this type of health insurance you are free to visit any hospital or physician in the United States.
  • These plans can also cover eligible dependants, such as your spouse and children.
  • Muscle spasms are common and severe in the lower back.
  • 4. Some short-term insurance plans also cover preventive care, including PAP smears and mammograms.

What Is The Cost For A Florida Short Term Plan?

The cost of temporary health insurance varies depending on the kind of coverage and application of deductibles. However, the premiums involved in short-term health insurance plan are cheaper than those involved in traditional health insurance plans.

Define The Eligibility Requirements For Short Term Insurance

Different insurance companies have different eligibility criteria to qualify for this type of health insurance. Majority of people who apply this kind of insurance plan requires you to be below 65 years of age and must have not been denied any kind of health insurance plans in the past. Some of the insurance companies also keep a stipulated height and weight limits for people as a part of their eligibility criteria.

Short-term insurance plans are best suited for, Recent college graduates, Newly hired employees, Individuals who are temporarily out of work, Individuals who've been waiting to qualify for a standard health insurance policy, or Individuals who are early retirees or are on strike or military discharge.So if you fall under any of these categories, choose the best short-term insurance policy for yourself and get a quote today.

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