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In most cases FREE health insurance is not going to happen unless your income in Florida is very low. After the Health Care reform implemented by the President of the US, there have been dramatic changes in the health care industry of the United States. Many people, who earlier could not afford to purchase health insurance, have now started planning to get one. However, the increasing costs of majority of health care services have deterred several people from subscribing to a health insurance plan. For people who really can’t afford the health care expenses the government of the United States has provided special provisions through which they can provide these people with if not free then at least a subsidized health insurance plan.

Free health insurance though provided in small numbers contains all the benefits that a paid health insurance could provide. Free health insurance is available to some of the citizens of the United States and lawful immigrants. However, immigrants are provided with this type of insurance only under certain circumstances.

How To Get Free Health Insurance

To qualify for a free health insurance you need to fit into the eligibility criteria, which include low income, a certain age, and a specific medical condition. If you fit in all these categories then you will be entitled to such type of health insurance.

Considering all these guidelines, only a few numbers of people from the entire population are qualified for such type of health insurance. Hence, due to this, a majority of people are always after finding an affordable health insurance. Here are some of the free health insurance programs provided by the government of the United States.

Medicaid: It is a welfare program that provides health insurance to people belonging to low-income groups. Under this plan, the people that qualify are helped to pay some or all the medical expenses. However, it is important to note that Medicaid doesn’t provide free health insurance to all the poor.

Considering the rising costs of health care, free health insurance has been considered as one of the best options for people who can’t afford their health care. Apart from free health insurance, the government of the United States is also providing health care for people at affordable rates under the Medicare plan, which is mainly design to provide health care to older people.

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act is another way through which the government provides workers and their families a group health plan for stipulated period under specific criteria such as divorce, death, loss of job and other life events.

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