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Today, a Health Insurance Plan has become a necessity and every individual should have some kind of health insurance coverage to deal with a health crisis or emergency medical care. Health Insurance Plans are of many types such as HMO, PPO, POS and Fee for Service Health Plans. Following are some types of popular Health Insurance coverage:

Fee for Service Health Plans: These are the most simple health insurance plans available in the United States. This type of health insurance plan reimburses medical care service providers for each service they provide to an insured client. The reimbursement is usually done on a case-to-case basis. For example, if you are required to be admitted for emergency medical care, the hospital, which provides you the medical care, will present an insurance claim to your insurance carrier. Your insurance carrier then verifies the insurance claim and pays the hospital fees.

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HMO: HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. It is a prepaid plan where you pay a monthly premium. The HMO then provides you comprehensive health services for you and the members of your family. The comprehensive health services provided includes emergency care, hospital stay, laboratory tests, surgery, therapy and x-rays. The medical care provided in HMO is generally through doctors that are under contract with HMO. However, if need arises you are also allowed to seek services of a doctor who does not have any contract with HMO. The medical care costs in HMO are less when compared to Fee for Service health plans.

PPO: PPO stands for Preferred Provider organization. This type of health insurance plan is combination of the Fee for Service health plan and the HMO. In PPO, you are required to select a primary health care provider just like an HMO. However, even if you select a doctor outside the PPO network, you can still get the health insurance coverage. PPO health service plans also include preventive care such as mammograms, baby care and doctor care.

POS: POS of stands for Point of Service health plans. The primary health care provider in POS can give referrals to you to receive medical care. The referral medical service provider can be outside the POS network. You will still be eligible to receive some benefits of coverage.

Thus, you need to analyze your health insurance requirements, study the different coverage offered and then select the right health insurance for you and your family.

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