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Question: "Is Health Insurance In Florida Affordable?"

Are you in the market for a new Florida health insurance policy? If so, make sure you read the rest of this page for great information on the various health insurance plans offered in Florida. If it is easier to have a quick conversation with a trusted insurance advisor, please give us a call and one of our professionals will love to give you details on each and every health insurance plan available. 1 (800) 554-9142. Consumers can compare prices or receive a free real time quote through our easy to use quote engine Get A Quote and apply if you wish.

Understand Health Insurance In Florida Programs:

  • Florida HMO (PPO)
  • Florida Individual Health Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Family Health Insurance

Everday our firm speaks with hundreds of consumers and we help all of them navigate through the medical insurance purchase process.

Some good questions for a consumer to start with would be:

  • What Health Insurance Carriers Are Available?
  • What Health Care Provider Has A High Complaint Ratio?
  • What Does "Deductible" Mean?
  • What Is A Copay?
  • Can You Explain Coinsurance?
  • Who Currently Offers Lowest Health Insurance Quotes?
  • How Do I Apply For Coverage?
  • How Do You Get Paid For Helping Me?
So If you are looking for a new policy in Florida, be sure to ask the salesman or insurance broker some of the questions above. If he can't answer them to your satisfaction just move on to the next professional. They should be able to tell you some of the major health insurance carriers in Florida doing business are, United Health Care, CIGNA, Aetna, Blue Cross of Florida, Assurant, Celtic, Humana, and so on. You probably do not have to compare more than the first three or four mentioned, but it is your choice as the consumer.

Deductible will be the amount you will have pay out of your pocket for major medical expenses before your carrier will start paying your medical claims for the calendar year. Make sure you go within your PPO network so you get he carriers negotiated price with the provider.

A copay is the amount you pay out of your pocket (or your share of medical claim cost) You will most likely have a copay on your plan for doctor visits and prescription drugs.

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