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Florida Healthy Kids Health Insurance
Learn about the Healthy Kids Program Today!

The Florida Healthy Kids Corporation was formed by the Florida legislature in 1990. It was established as a public-private initiative with the objective of allowing uninsured children of Florida to access comprehensive health insurance coverage. The Florida Healthy Kids Corporation provides the much required assistance to thousands of uninsured children in Florida and allows them to access quality and affordable health care coverage. It functions as a quasi-payer financing mechanism and aggregates Federal, State and local and family funds to pay the insurance premiums of the commercial health plans.



The Healthy Kids Programs in Florida offer health insurance policies to children that following the criteria below:
Florida Healthy Kids Health Insurance - Healthy Kids for children ages 5-18 years old
The Healthy Kids program is unique in providing affordable health insurance coverage to working families who find it difficult to pay the full premium. Florida Healthy kids and other Florida KidCare partners (Medicaid, Medikids and Children's Medical Services) ensure that kids in Florida have access to medical care 24/7. For majority of the Gulf families, facing financial hardships, the insurance coverage will be provided free. Thus, there's nothing to lose. (read more)
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If any family in Florida is affected by oil spill, economy recession or any other tragedy, the Healthy Kids program can prove to be of great help. The Healthy Kids program is a part of the Childcare program of the Florida state. The Childcare program involves four health insurance plans, namely Medikids, Healthy Kids, Children's Medical Services Network and Medicaid. (read more)
More Eligibility Criteria for Florida Healthy Kids
It's easy to qualify for the Florida Healthy Kids program. The state of Florida has set the following eligibility criteria for the reduced program: The kids should be uninsured, they should be aged between 5 to 18, they shouldn't be an ineligible non-citizen or a child of a state employee, and lastly they shouldn't be eligible for Medicaid. (read more)
Information Needed To Apply For Healthy Kids In Florida
Be sure you have all of the following to apply for coverage. When applying for this program, you'll need to have: Your Earning and Wage Statement (W-2 Form), your family's latest tax returns (Form 1040), current Pay Stubs (covering the previous 4 weeks),the Social Security numbers of your children. In case your children haven't yet received a Social Security card, you can furnish the date on which you've applied for the Card, if your employer is offering you the health insurance coverage, you'll still need to mention the cost to add your child/children. The enrolment of the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation is open all year round. Applying for this program is very easy and the application process is completed within just 4-6 weeks. (read more)

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