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Florida Medicaid Health Insurance
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Access Florida Medicaid Application Without any additional federal money, the state will cut the enrollment in the FAMIS (Family Access to Medical Insurance Security) for children and low-income pregnant women. As per the changes in policy, enrollment will now be capped at 175 percent of the federal poverty line as opposed to 200 percent- at which it was capped earlier. This will mean that tens of thousands of poor pregnant women and children will now lose their health coverage.



The State will also trim the waiver slots for community-based care for people who are intellectually disabled. Earlier, the FMAP (Federal Medical Assistance Percentages) money was supposed to be used to fund 250 new waivers.
Florida Health Insurance - Congress Says No Extension
In addition, the State has decided to reduce the Medicaid reimbursement rates to nursing homes, Hospitals and other physicians by as much as 3% in the first year, followed by 4% in the second. The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association stated that currently, the hospitals receive 72 cents per dollar they spend on health care, through Medicaid. The provider rate cut will bring down this figure to 64 cents per dollar in the first year and to less than 60 percent at the end of the second year. (read more)
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Bob McDonnell (R), the Governor of Virginia, on 14 June, 2010 informed the reporters that he will stop urging the Congress to extend Medicaid spending. This is because he's concerned that extending the Medicaid spending can contribute to an inflating federal deficit. He went on to add that he's deeply concerned about the federal deficit, which is at $13 trillion and increasing. McDonnell is of the view that if Congress wants to extend Medicaid spending, it should find ways to do so without increasing size of the deficit. (read more)
Medicaid In Florida Made Easy
In the spring, Virginia had passed a budget which included some major cuts to human and health resources. However, the Virginia government had said that the cuts won't come into effect, as Congress was about to approve a bill extending the enhanced Medicaid funding of the states. Congress Leaders have also expressed their support in favor of the extension of the Medicaid; however, the two chambers have still not passed the bill. (read more)
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Thus, as of now, the verdict is that the Congress is not planning to extend the enhanced Medicaid money. Failure to sustain the stimulus funding can prove to be a disaster not only for the employees and patients but also the budget of different states. (read more)

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