Health Insurance In Florida Is Tough To Find

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Health Insurance In Florida Tough To Find?

The state of Florida, located in the Southeastern United States, mostly constitutes a large peninsula covered by Atlantic Ocean in the east and Gulf of Mexico in the west. Florida, also known as the “Sunshine State”, has a climate which is somewhat tempered due to its close proximity to water. Severe weather is quite common in the state. Central Florida, is also known as the lightning capital of United States, due to maximum number of lightning strikes it experiences when compared to any other place in the country. Cold Fronts that bring high winds sometimes sweep through the peninsula knocking out thousands and causing damage to mobile homes. Also, the state of Florida experiences maximum tornadoes per square mile in United States, though not as high in intensity as in the Midwest or Great Plains. Severe Thunderstorms are accompanied by Hail.

Only in the recent past, the residents of Florida, fell victims to another strong dose of natural disaster, which came in the form of a horrible tornado killing nineteen and injuring dozens. Such being the case, the importance of insurance in Florida is indispensable. To gain an entry into the best hospital or have services of good physicians, a good Florida health insurance plan becomes inevitable. So, as long as one is facing an economic hardship and cannot afford the premiums, living in Florida without health insurance would be an unwise decision. People in Florida talk about insurance everyday, as the rates for both health insurance and property insurance have gone up considerably. Certain premiums have even tripled. Hence certain basic information that the residents need to bear in mind before purchasing health insurance is mentioned here.

The first priority should of-course be to cover major accidents and illnesses. Hence check out the following with the agent.

The life-time limits of the plan should be enquired. Most plans offer $3 to 5 million.

Check out if the plans focus on day to day limits for surgical fees or rooms and avoid such plans. A health insurance plan should never fix a definite amount for hospitalization.

Check if the transplants are limited to lesser dollar value.

Check for any hidden cost covering doctor visits or prescriptions. In case the amount you pay to insure these items is more than what you otherwise pay for your own doctor visits or prescriptions, see to it that you don’t spend $1000 to save $200.

The best way to choose a plan that suits you would be, check out a web portal like Florida Health Insurance web,, to note down the cost of highest, middle and lowest deductibles, and write the annual cost of each plan, and check the difference between them. This will help you realize the amount charged for lower deductibles or co-pays.

Stay away from association plans as far as possible, as these plans are not native to Florida and give an opportunity for the insurance companies to take advantage of the premium increases that you pay every year. In case for personal reasons you decide on an association plan, do check with the agent as to which state governs the plan.

A discount card should not be mistaken for a health insurance. Sales person generally sells discount card assuring that on purchasing the discount card, one can do away with health insurance. But hospitals and doctors will still ask for advance payment, and most physicians insist on actual insurance for even seeing a patient.

As far as Florida dental plans are concerned, there are some valuable plans that cost less while also providing good discounts on services. Some plans even cover payment for cleanings.

Purchasing Health Insurance In Florida

The first step towards purchasing a health insurance is to find a good agent. A good agent should generally offer you with a wide range of health insurance plans from various carriers who sell insurance in Florida.

Do not arrive at an ‘on the spot’ decision regarding the plan. An agent who shows a polished brochure, and speaks for hours about the assistance plans and discounts are trained to talk smoothly. Tell the agent that you need time to think about the plan.

Thirdly, one should be practical while choosing a health insurance plan in Florida. Health Insurance is expensive in Florida, and hence chose a plan within your limitations.

The information provided in the application form should be only be the truth and if any important information is left blank in the application, by following the agent’s advice, it is the applicant who will be caught, as Florida follows a class 3 felony.

Check out for any detailed information about Florida health insurance regulations, and the plan that you wish to choose, on the internet. Do your homework before choosing the appropriate plan.

Florida, just as any other states in the US, offers state sponsored low cost programs for children, though the plans require certain income criteria to be met with. These plans are worth considering.

There are plenty of options for covering medical expenses in Florida. Like for instance, a Health Savings Account helps in setting aside pre-tax dollars every month, while Catastrophic Insurance offers a low premium that has high deductible and comes in handy when you develop a serious injury or an illness. All plans have their own merits and de-merits, that need to be differentiated and understood so as to make the right decisions for the family.

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