Clinton-Obama Health Insurance Plans

The 2008 presidental race is in full heat with only a few more weeks to the Florida Primary. Remember the Governor moved up the date to January 29. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama went toe-to-toe over the health care issue this week.

With about two dozen reporters crammed in a press room, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton outlined her universal health care plan, which "would provide tax credits to make insurance more affordable" and "require businesses to offer insurance to workers or pay into a pool for people without it." Florida's health insurance advisor Morgan Moran added 'her opponant, Barack Obama thinks her plan is just talk'.

Florida Health Insurance Web in its 2008 political report says "Hillary Clinton plans to expand Medicare and the federal employees' health insurance plan" and to cover those without adequate workplace insurance. Moran, a Florida health insurance consultant said, Democratic presidential candidate "Barack Obama is casting doubt on Clinton's ability to enforce a requirement in her plan that every American buy health insurance."

"Clinton's plan is the most sweeping universal plan offered by any of the 2008 candidates." According to Moran, her campaign is pulling out all the stops on the health insurance issue.

Clinton says everyone in America WILL have health insurance they can afford when she is President.
News Image, reporting on each of the presidential candidates positions on healthcare said, "Clinton and Obama are the latest to argue over healthcare. 'The upcoming elections will impact Florida's health care system as far as benefits and rates are concerned' said Moran, 'whichever candidate takes the White House in 2009, Florida residents may end up with better health care than they have today'. "Health insurance is finally on the bargaining table and we all may benefit from it."

Clinton points to her web site where her position on healthcare is clearly stated. On her website she has posted the following points:

(1) If you have an insurance plan you like, you can keep it. If you want to change plans or aren't currently covered, you can choose from dozens of the same plans available to members of Congress, or you can opt into a public plan option like Medicare. And working families will get tax credits to help pay their premiums.

(2) Small businesses are the engine of new job growth in the U.S. economy but face bigger challenges when it comes to providing health care for their employees. Hillary would give tax credits to small businesses that provide health care to their workers to help defray their coverage costs. This will make small businesses more competitive and help create good jobs with health benefits that will stay here in the US.

(3) Insurance companies won't be able to deny you coverage or drop you because their computer model says you're not worth it. They will have to offer and renew coverage to anyone who applies and pays their premium. And like other things that you buy, they will have to compete for your business based on quality and price. Families will have the security of knowing that if they become ill or lose their jobs, they won't lose their coverage.

(4) Nobody has worked harder or longer to improve health care than Hillary Clinton. From her time in Arkansas when she improved rural health care to her successful effort to create the SCHIP Children's Health Insurance program which now covers six million children, Hillary has the strength and experience to ensure that every man, woman and child in America has quality, affordable health care.

"Clinton has been criticizing Obama's health care plan for falling short of universal health coverage" said Moran, because unlike her plan, "Obama's [plan would not require every American to buy insurance". Obama claims "his plan would lower the cost of insurance and guarantee access", removing the obstacles most often faced by people without insurance.

This week Obama argued that his rival (CLINTON) has been unwilling to say how she would enforce the mandate to buy health insurance. Without enforcement, "Obama said, it is nothing more than an empty 'political talking point'."

"Sen. Clinton still hasn't explained what this mandate is: What's she going to do if somebody doesn't purchase health care? Is she going to fine them? Is she going to garnish their wages?" Obama said.

"One of the problems with Clinton's health insurance approach, is that she hasn't been straight with the American people about how she's going to 'impose this mandate'. And without an enforcement mechanism, there is no mandate. It's just a political talking point," he continued.

A spokesman for the Clinton campaign, Lori Singer commented, "The fact remains that Sen. "Obama is going around saying he has a universal health care plan that in fact excludes 15 million Americans." Obama's own health care plan does include a requirement that families purchase insurance for their children.

Shortly after, Obama sent out a memo noting that in Massachusetts, the only state so far to require residents to buy health insurance, "hundreds of thousands of people have not purchased insurance despite a fine levied on those who fail to do so through their tax returns".

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