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Emergency Care: Care for a person with a medical condition or behavioral condition of sudden onset that manifests itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity...

Employer Contribution: The total amount of premium an employer is required to pay for each employee covered under the employer ...

Employee Participation: An insurance company will usually require a certain percentage of eligible employees to participate in the employer offered group health insurance plan...

Endorsement: Used to clarify or make revisions to particular provisions of a health or life insurance policy.

Enrollee: An individual who is enrolled and eligible for coverage under a health insurance policy...

Evidence of Insurability: Factual information used by insurance companies to ...

Examiner: A health care professional who provides para med or medical exams on insurance applicants.

Exclusions: Specific conditions or circumstances listed in an insurance policy...

Expiration Date: The date on which an insurance policy ceases to provide coverage on the insured.

Explanation of Benefits: A statement sent by a health plan to a covered person who files a claim. The explanation of benefits (EOB) lists the services provided, the amount billed, and the payment made. The EOB statement must also explain why a claim was or was not paid, and provide information about the individual's rights of appeal.

Extra Premium: The amount charged in addition to the regular premium to cover any extra hazard or special risk such as aviation or hazardous activities. This is commonly referred to as Flat Extra.

Health Tip #14

We all have people in our lives that we care deeply for, and if you want to be able to ensure that they are well off even if you were to somehow die tomorrow, then you should seriously consider setting aside some time to find your own best life insurance quotes. Taking the time to find resources and websites full of information about insurance could be one of the most important tasks you do all year and what better motivation to do so than to be able to protect your family after you are gone.

On your quest to find some of the best rate quotes, you can visit the websites of the providers themselves or various sources that are designed to compare different prices for life insurance plans which fit your family's budget. Finding a quote online will only take a few moments, but will provide tremendously important financial stability for your family in a time when they will need it most.

Discovering the perfect life insurance plan can be difficult though, as you are putting your trust in a single company to assist in the task of taking care of your family's finances after you have passed. On the brighter side though, this is why it is such a benefit to use the World Wide Web to receive the best life insurance quotes. Because of websites it is possible to compare prices and reputations every major life insurance company and policy.

With just a couple of quick questions about your life so that a company's actuaries can determine how much of a risk you are, you will be well on your way to receiving rate quotes in no time.

Life insurance provides your family with several key benefits that are necessary for most people after the demise of their loved one. To begin with, a life insurance plan will provide enough monetary support to allow your spouse and kids to stay out of debt upon your demise. When looking for life insurance quotes for a particular plan, you should make sure that your family will be able to continue to live comfortably under the money provided by the life insurance pay out until they can find a means of supporting themselves once again.

A pay out from a life insurance policy will also give your loved ones a way to pay for your funeral. As you may already know, funerals are a costly undertaking, and are increasing in cost by the day. In the time immediately following your death, your family has enough to worry about and should not have to be burdened by the overwhelming costs of a funeral ceremony.

If you want your family to be safe and secure for the future after you are gone, then it is of the utmost importance that you take some time right now and search the web for the best life insurance quotes.

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