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Incidents of Ownership: Various rights that may be exercised under the policy contract by the policy owner. Some of the incidents of ownership may include...

Incontestability Clause: A life insurance policy provision that states after the policy has been in force for a specified period of time...

Inspection Report: A report sometimes required by an insurance company in conjunction with the underwriting of an application for coverage. The report...

Insurability: General acceptability by an insurance company of an applicant for insurance based on underwriting review, which may include items such as the applicant's current health status...

Insurable Interest: The existence of potential financial loss on the part of the policy owner and/or beneficiary(s) in the event of the death of the insured. (more)

Insurance: A system for reducing risk by transferring the risks of several individual entities to one entity, such as an insurance company...

Insurance Company: A company that provides insurance coverage through the issuance of insurance policies. This is also referred to as the Insurer.

Insurance Department: An area within each state's government that administers and regulates the insurance industry within the state.

Insurance Policy: The physical, written document issued by an insurance company to the policy owner...

Insured: The individual covered by an insurance policy.

Irrevocable Beneficiary: A type of beneficiary designation that cannot be changed without...

Irrevocable Trust: A trust is often established when life insurance is purchased to protect an estate...

Issue Date: The actual date an insurance policy is issued. This may also be the effective date of the policy.

I.D. Card/Identification Card: A card issued to a covered person of a health insurance plan. The card is typically presented by the insured to heath care providers when seeking services.

Indemnity Plan: A type of traditional health insurance (pay for service) in which the covered person is reimbursed for covered expenses without regard to choice of provider.

In-Network: Refers to the use of providers who participate in the health plan's provider network. Many benefit plans encourage enrollees to use participating (in-network) providers to reduce the enrollee's out-of-pocket expense.

Inpatient Services: Services rendered to a person who is admitted to a hospital for medical care, is assigned a bed designated for routine, special, psychiatric, or rehabilitation care, and occupies the bed for 24 hours or more.

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