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Florida Health Insurance

Florida health insurance can be broken down into a bunch of different products. The two most important types of policies a small business owner or self employed individual needs to understand when purchasing a private plan are: Florida group health insurance and Florida individual health insurance. Understanding these two types of plans will help you find the most affordable Florida Health Insurance Quotes in the marketplace.

Florida Group Health Insurance Plans

Florida group medical insurance can be broken down into two categories. Small group health insurance and large group health insurance plans. In the state of Florida a group of two or more individuals within a plan cannot declined for coverage for a pre-existing condition. Although, If you have lapsed your current coverage for more than 63 days before coming onto a new group health plan, they can subject you to a twelve month waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions. Be sure you give them your most recent letter of creditable coverage and you will be all set. For More Information please check out our Florida Health Insurance FAQ section for more help.

Are you self employed or a small business owner in Florida? If so, a small group medical insurance plan might be the best option for you. If you have a great deal of pre-existing medical conditions that you would like to have covered on your policy, make sure you ask your broker for small group health insurance quotes. A small group plan consists of an employer that has (2-50) eligible W2 employees on his payroll. If you are a smaller employer that only has a two or three W2 employees and everyone is in perfect health, you might want to look at individual plans as an alternative, as it will be much more cost effective. Have your agent compare small group rates against the individual plan rates to see which best suits your needs for benefits and budget.

Are you an employer that has more than 50 W2 employees on your payroll? If that is the case, you are defined by group medical insurance as being large. The majority of large medical insurance plans in the state are experienced rated. This means that the carrier can increase your premium based on the amount of claims that you have come in each year. Not all brokers are created equal when it comes to offering a complete analysis of your plan. Make sure you have a broker review your renewal that has a great deal of experience in underwriting groups. Someone with underwriting expertise can save you 20-30% of your total costs in many instances.

Individual Health Insurance In Florida

Finding individual health insurance in Florida has never been so easy. Are you a family, individual, or sole proprietor looking for a new private health insurance policy? Individual policies are still going to be fully underwritten until 2014 when health care reform really starts to kick in, but if you are moderately healthy, you should be able to get a new plan easily. Rates on these types of plans are very competitive. Make sure you have your broker compare a variety of carriers before you make your final decision. Lastly, remember that underwriting still plays a large role in your premium rate. Be sure you consultant with a professional that that has experience with all of the companies in the marketplace.

Get Affordable Florida Health Insurance Quotes Now!

Have you exhausted all of the possible Florida medical insurance plan options in your marketplace? If you are having any difficulty narrowing down your options with our online quote engine, please give one of our experienced independent health insurance brokers a call at 1-800-554-9142. They can help you peel back the layers of confusion so you feel comfortable about the protection you purchase for your family. They will help you compare the top five carriers in the marketplace side by side until you pick the plan that makes the sense. Click here to get affordable health insurance quotes from A rated carriers.

Understanding Florida COBRA Health Insurance

Are you currently on COBRA Health Insurance in Florida and need to find a cheaper option? A private individual health insurance policy will most likely be the best Florida COBRA health insurance alternative. If you have exhausted your COBRA benefits, have a great deal of pre-existing conditions, and do not qualify for a regular underwritten policy, we have a very unique option for you. Give us a call so we can go through the details. Read more about COBRA in Florida below:

Everyone should understand the definition of the COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) medical insurance plan. COBRA was first started in the early 1980's and has helped a great deal of Florida residents throughout the years. Most unhealthy Floridians consider it to be a blessing since the program enabled individuals to keep their employer based medical insurance upon losing their job. Although, it is also considered one of the worst programs ever because it requires former employees to pay the full premium cost. If you are healthy, compare your COBRA with an Individual policy. Benefits will not be exactly the same, but saving 50% on your monthly premium might be your savior.

Florida Health Insurance Comparison Online

Florida health insurance carriers are competing for your business online. Our Website lets you comparison shop a variety of the (A.M. Best) A rated companies in the state of Florida. You can get quotes, compare plans, and even apply online through our Website. This will be the easiest way to obtain a Florida health insurance policy in a timely manner. If you have some additional questions about quotes, carriers, or all alternative plan options, get a more personalized approach by calling one of our independent insurance professionals now.

The Internet makes the insurance carrier transparent. Carriers like, CIGNA, United Healthcare, Golden Rule, Aetna, Humana, Assurant, or Blue Cross Blue Shields of Florida show all of their premium rates, benefit schedules, and applications online for you to view. Remember that an independent broker like our firm won't push you to get a policy with one certain carrier. It is our job to listen and ask you the right questions. That will help you make a final your final decision. Enter your zip code into our quote engine or give us a call so we can let these carriers compete for your business today!

Florida Kidcare Insurance Options

Florida Kidcare offers cheap medical insurance for children in the state of Florida. We all know that the sunshine state has close to a million kids that do not have access to a Florida health insurance policy. Many kids do not get the coverage they need to live a healthy life. Many children slip through the health care system when they need it most. The state of Florida has combated this problem through their KidCare program. This program offers discounted or FREE medical insurance to kids that are in need. You can have this coverage if you qualify until you are 18 years old.

Best Florida Health Insurance Carriers

There are a variety of Florida health insurance carriers doing business in the state. BEWARE, make sure you do not purchase a discount card and think it is a true major medical insurance policy. Avoid carriers that you have not ever heard of. Make sure you ask your broker what the name of the carrier network is, if it is true major medical, and also ask how financially stable the company is. If you ask these questions and the broker can provide you all of the answers, it is pretty safe to say that you are looking at one of best carriers that offer health insurance in Florida.

The best Florida health insurance carriers that offer group and individual insurance include the following five companies: CIGNA, United Healthcare (Golden Rule), Aetna, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. All of these carriers offer major medical insurance have an extensive provider network, and have a high rating for financial stability. Each carrier will offer many plan options to pick and choose from. Call your broker so they compare these five carriers for you side by side. That should help you narrow down the best plan option for your current situation.

We Are An Independent Florida Health Insurance Agency

There are a ton of Florida health insurance agents and brokers working for your business. Make sure you ask the broker that you decide to work with this question. How long have you been in the business? You don't want to make such an important decision with the advice from a Florida health insurance agency that is a fly by night firm. Florida Health Insurance Web is an independent online insurance broker that offers transparency when shopping for medical insurance products. We have experience insurance professional that are here to help you make an educated buying decision. Get a quote or give us a call today at 1-800-554-9142.

My Florida health insurance broker insured my whole family for 39% off my current premium and lowered the deductible!
Deb Jackson "Jacksonville, FL"

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