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Florida Kidcare Health Insurance
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Kidcare Application Florida KidCare is providing affordable coverage to Children in Florida. The state of Florida has over 800,000 children who still don't have a basic health care insurance coverage. Such children often fail to get the basic services or care they require for their very survival. To allow the children living in one of the richest countries in the world go without basic health care insurance is really unacceptable. With this view, Florida state government had started Florida KidCare, through which it could offer health insurance coverage for children from their birth till the time they complete 18 years. Florida Kidcare program involves the participation of licensed health care providers to ensure high quality health care for children.



The Florida Kidcare program provides healthcare coverage to Florida children under four main components, including:
Florida Health Insurance - MediKids for children between 1-4 years
Florida Kidcare is especially more useful for families who don't have a very secure financial condition and couldn't afford high health insurance premiums for their children. It was designed to provide low-cost healthcare benefits to the children in Florida, irrespective of their family income. Most of the families who have enrolled their children in the Florida Kidcare program don't pay any monthly premium while some others pay premiums ranging from $15 to $159 per month. (read more)
Individual Health Insurance Quotes Or Children's Medical Services Network:
With the healthcare debate gaining ground throughout America, dozens of state agency leaders, community groups and associations, on August 13, 2009, met at the Capitol to pledge their support to Florida Kidcare program. The meet was held to kick off the annual back-to-school outreach campaign of Floride Kidcare. (read more)
Healthy Kids: for children between 5-18 years
The Florida Kidcare program had, by August 2009, enrolled around 1.6 million children and was open to enrol thousands more. Many children in Florida had benefitted greatly from the Florida Kidcare program. In June-July 2009 alone, approximately 50,000 children, who were previously uninsured, had begun receiving preventive health care, including immunizations, dental check ups, regular doctor visits and prescriptions through the Florida Kidcare program. (read more)
Children's Medicaid: for children between 0-18 years
Alex Sink, CFO of the Florida Kidcare program, had then remarked that in tough times of recession, families in Florida deserved more cost-effective and affordable access to children's healthcare. He was optimistic about more Florida families enrolling their children in the Florida Kidcare program. (read more)

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